pride in myself meme

well one of the things that i have pride for is being able to play soccer and if you have read some of my other posts then you will see that i love soccer and its my favorite sport. i play goalie and the reason i have pride in that is beca   use i didn’t realize i could play goalie till last summer. the reason i found this out is cause i hurt my foot kicking so much so my friends told me i should play goalie and i got up there and they said i had good reflexes for it. my friends got really excited when they would kick the ball really hard to have a shot to make it in but i stopped the ball most of the time. the reason i am proud of it is because i can play this better than anything else. i also play football and basketball but theres nothing compared to soccer because i can stop it really good and my pride for playing soccer is nothing compared to anything else i love soccer and i will never stop loving it and most of the reason i got this pride is because when i was playing goalie i hit my knee on the metal pole and i could barely stand i was done for the day. the next day i couldn’t really walk but i came back for some more and my grandma said i could’ve hurt myself even more but i wouldn’t listen cause i believed in it so i went back and i could barely jump but i still had a good game the best i ever had in mexico i only let 2 goals go by out of like a 5 hour game which is pretty good. when i was over there in mexico i couldn’t believe it and couldn’t wait to tell my parents but they said the same thing my grandma did but my dad was happy that i had a lot of fun and i cant wait to go back to see my soccer friends they think i am  the best over there even if my knee still hurts a little when i dive i still don’t give up.

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